County of Allegheny Lodge #91 Fraternal Order of Police has proudly endorsed our candidate, William (Bill) Caye, for Judge of Common Pleas Court of Allegheny County. The following is a copy of the endorsement letter:

Kevin McGuire also spoke on behalf of Bill at the Endorsement Meeting at the FOP Lodge 91:

“I am the proud father of Ian Patrick McGuire a (20) year veteran police officer serving the Bethel Park Community.

Effective policing starts with the men and women who take an oath to Protect and Serve their respective communities, to keep our families safe and out of harms way.

Bill Caye is a selfless servant for the citizens of Allegheny County and as such has earned the endorsement of those who put their lives in harms way each day so that those they serve and their families will be safe.

Congratulations on receiving the endorsement of the FOP Lodge 91.”